Data Analysis using Excel, Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT), and Power BI

Chat GPT


The training course aims to provide a unique opportunity for participants to acquire the necessary skills for comprehensive and effective data examination and analysis, as well as to enhance their understanding of Excel, ChatGPT artificial intelligence tools, Power BI software, and their various applications.


This training course enables the participants to prepare different reports quickly and accurately at a high level, thus helping them to develop their skills and improve their abilities in data analysis and making strategic decisions that enhance their success in the business world.



Educational Objectives


  • Enabling participants to understand the key advanced digital solutions, and use Excel, ChatGPT artificial intelligence tools, and Power BI software.
  • Enhancing and enriching participants’ capabilities in various skills necessary for advanced digital solutions.
  • Strengthen participants’ ability to produce valuable management reports using advanced digital solutions
  • Enhancing participants’ ability to analyze data using available tools and technologies.
  • Providing participants with the necessary skills to solve problems, analyze probabilities, and make strategic decisions.
  • Improving efficiency and increasing productivity at work.




The trainer Dr. Sulaiman Weshah is an associate professor and trainer at Al-Balqa Applied University – Jordan, holding a PhD in Accounting. He has extensive experience in accounting and accounting information systems, which he has enhanced by obtaining internationally accredited certifications, such as:

  • IACPA.
  • CertIFR.
  • CICS.
  • Excel for Corporates from the Corporate Finance Institute (CFI).


The trainer Dr. Sulaiman Weshah has also made significant efforts in delivering many training courses in Microsoft Excel and Power BI in Jordan, Libya, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.


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