Effective Presentations and Storytelling Skills

Storytelling Skills


The workshop aims to provide those interested in the essential factors they need to give a presentation, or speech, as it provides them with tools and techniques that help them remember the speech, tell stories, gain the trust of the audience, and maintain their great interaction.


The workshop helps to enhance self-confidence, relaxation and enjoyment on stage, as well as mastering the art of using body language and controlling the tone of voice in expression.



Learning Objectives


  • Learning the art of storytelling.
  • Enhancing self-confidence on stage.
  • Using body language and mastering the skill of vocal variety when presented.
  • The ability to give a speech directly.
  • Managing the audience: Questions, interruptions, and interaction.
  • Delivering a powerful, professional, and on-purpose presentation.
  • Learning to use PowerPoint, Visual Aids, and Support Materials effectively.




The trainer, Bara’ Obeidat, took the position of cultural ambassador for Hofstede Insights – UAE. He was also the People Operations Director at the Queen Rania Foundation – Jordan.


Bara’ is a facilitator and senior trainer in several institutes in the Levant and the GCC for several organizations, in addition to obtaining a PMP certificate from the M.E Institute in Canada, and the TOT Certificate.

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