Alerts service on the training website


The website provides a development course service that allows the beneficiary to subscribe and download educational resources after verifying his identity and completing registration. The website includes an effective electronic alert system to enhance the learning experience and monitor performance. The system includes:


  1. Learning alerts:

    – The learner receives alerts about the tasks required within the training course. – Alerts include reminders of available and assigned duties and tasks.

  2. Technical support alerts:

    – The trainee is notified of the remaining period of technical support for the course, which helps in providing the necessary assistance promptly.


  3. Workshop alerts:

    – Participants are informed of the scheduled workshop schedules, and direct links are provided to register for them.


  4. Define notifications:

    – The system allows beneficiaries to customize alert settings according to their individual needs. 

  5. View notifications:

    – Notifications appear clearly on the control panel and can be easily accessed by clicking on the Notifications link.


This service aims to improve the continuity of learning and participants’ follow-up of tasks and assignments within training courses, which contributes to enhancing the personal learning experience.