Methods for Measuring Beneficiary Satisfaction “Trainees – Trainers”


The level of quality of the service provided and the beneficiaries’ satisfaction with it is measured after the end of the training program by conducting a questionnaire sent via e-mail or the e-learning system.


The extent of beneficiary satisfaction is measured via an electronic link sent to trainees and trainers at the end of each course to examine the extent of trainees’ satisfaction with the training programs and trainers and review suggestions that could contribute to improving the performance of the courses offered through the website.


The participation of beneficiaries and listening to their opinions and suggestions is considered essential for making sound decisions by the site administration. These comments and suggestions play an effective role in developing e-learning processes and improving the services provided.


Methods for measuring the level of beneficiary satisfaction:

  • User satisfaction is measured by sending a questionnaire after the training course provided.
  • Sending questionnaires to the trainer and trainee to measure satisfaction with the courses, including some questions related to the training mechanism, method, trainer, and others.
  • Based on the results of the level of satisfaction, decisions are made to improve and develop the training courses and services provided through the website.