Pledge Not to exceed the permitted number of simultaneous Virtual classes


At Reach Skills Training Center, we are committed to the following:



1- Do not exceed the maximum number of trainees:

  • It is committed not to exceeding the number of trainees in the simultaneous virtual classes (35) trainees, and it is allowed to increase its number by a maximum of 25%.
  • Emphasizes the possibility of conducting virtual classes as needed to ensure effective interaction.


2- Calculating attendance percentage:

  • Attendance is calculated in proportion to the total course time, and attendance is requested not to be less than 57% of the scheduled hours for the course.


3- Concurrent attendance:

  • Synchronous attendance through virtual classes is counted as equivalent to regular attendance.


With this pledge, Reach Skills Training Center expresses its commitment to implementing this policy and ensuring that the set limits are respected to achieve an effective and balanced learning experience.


Reach Skills Training Center