Pledge to ensure that Electronic Content is up to date



At Reach Skills Training Center, we are committed to providing high-quality training programs and modern and compatible electronic content with national laws and policies. This pledge continues to develop our educational processes and ensure effective and safe learning experiences for trainees.


We therefore declare our commitment to the following points:


1- Periodic update:

We commit to periodically updating the electronic content provided in our training programs. This is done to ensure that the information is up to date and complemented by recent developments in the fields of specialization.


2- Compliance with laws:

We verify that the electronic content is in full conformity with the national laws and regulations adopted in the different fields in which we offer training programs.


3- Quality Assurance:

We develop monitoring and evaluation methods for the content of programs to ensure their quality, educational effectiveness, and adherence to national and international standards.


4- Responding to developments:

We deal flexibly with changes and developments in the educational environment and laws, and we integrate the improvements needed to ensure the continuity of achieving quality standards.


5- Encourage interaction:

We encourage trainees and trainers to provide feedback on and improve electronic content, thus contributing to the improvement of educational experiences.


With this pledge, we express our commitment to ensuring that updated learning experiences are delivered and comply with the highest standards of quality and compliance with national laws and policies.


Reach Skills Training Center