Technical Structure Specifications document for Reach Skills Training Center System




  1. Introduction

    This document aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the technical system architecture used at Reach Skills Training Centre, with an emphasis on the technical aspects that support the training and skills development objectives.

  2. System goal
    The system aims to provide an advanced and accessible e-learning environment for users, with a focus on developing accessibility skills and enhancing their understanding of the concept of accessibility in technology. 

  4. General architecture of the system


  • Server : Cloud
  • Users Number : The number of trainees must not exceed the maximum, noting that the system allows 100 users
  • Database : Oracle Cloud
  • Connection Network : A wireless network depending on the company that provides it
  • Protection : (SSL)The website supporting the holding of courses also provides many tools to protect meetings, help manage participants’ activity, and share information
  • Technical Support team : The technical support team for system follow-up aims to provide an effective and efficient support service to ensure the sustainability and security of the system. The team strives for continuous improvement, providing quick solutions to technical problems and meeting users’ needs efficiently.
  • Team Structure :
    Technical support manager
    – Technical support engineers
    – System security specialists