The plan and method used to train trainers on the three axes (use of technology, development of electronic content, and electronic teaching skills)


Comprehensive training is provided to trainers over 15 hours to acquire the basic concepts of using technology in educational settings. This includes learning how to effectively plan and design technology-supported instruction, use technology in assessment processes, and develop their trainers’ skills and professional practice using technology.

In addition, trainers are trained to design and develop computer-aided electronic content and its various applications, publish it, and display it to students in multiple ways, enabling them to choose various alternatives to learning resources and interactive media according to the needs of each student.

Regarding e-teaching skills, trainers receive integrated training on the use of basic computing and learning management systems, as well as the use of electronic social media in academic environments.

In short, the training plan provides trainers with comprehensive training that includes the use of technology, the development of electronic content, and the acquisition of electronic teaching skills, with an emphasis on providing training in a synchronous electronic format.